Hampi Bazaar in Hampi

While visiting Hampi, you will not only be greeted with the many historical monuments and temples, but the local markets that excite the shoppers. While on a holiday, one not only looks at enjoying the various sites of the place but also the local shopping that the place offers. The royal market of the Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi Bazaar is one such place where you can enjoy local shopping experience and enjoy a fun-filled time with your family and friends.

The streets where once the royalty of Vijayanagar Empire roamed the marketplace buying their goods and wares, jewellery and clothes are now lined with small shops and restaurants. Hampi Bazaar is a place where can shop for local goods, traditional costumes, beautiful tailor made dresses and dress materials, exquisite jewellery, handicraft items, beautiful artifacts, etc. A gallery here showcases the pictures and relics of old Hampi clicked many years ago by an international traveler and photographer Greenlaw, Alexander in 1856. The streets of Hampi Bazaar were once lined with residences of the royal people of Hampi however now some have been converted to shops and few are occupied by the locals of Hampi. While shopping on the streets of Hampi Bazaar one needs to bear in mind that the locals quote prices as per tourists and hence it is imperative that you do negotiate with the shopkeepers. This thriving old marketplace is one of the most famous attractions of Hampi and would not leave the tourists disappointed. Hampi Bazaar is a place where you can enjoy a quaint and quiet morning stroll before the bustle of shopping sets in or take a walk down lively streets during the evening. The streets of Hampi Bazaar come alive during the famous Virupaksha Car Festival where you will see the streets lined with many people taking blessings from the chariot of Pampatti and Pampa that graces these narrow pathways.

Enjoy shopping in Hampi Bazaar and see the village come to life!

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